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Stelaż 256FZ pod kufer HONDA CB 900 HORNET (GIVI)
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Stelaż 256FZ pod kufer do HONDY CB 900 HORNET. Jest kompatybilny z płytami MONOKEY® M5, M11 oraz MONOLOCK® M5M.

Specific Monorack arms

After the experience gained with the tested MONORACK F, GIVI has created a new and revolutionary kind of case carrier for top cases: the MONORACK FZ.

This new product is characterised by the absence of the traditional adjustable joints and it is used combined with the new plates MONOKEY® M5, MONOLOCK® M5M and MONOKEY® M11 (see the pictures shown on this page - on the right).

The assembling/disassembling system remains quick and easy, while safety and reliability are guaranteed directly by GIVI that has taken care to study and realise, for certain types of motorcycles, the most suitable position of the case