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RAWCON - NEW in 2011

RAWCON (limited) - dostępne od marca 2011

Shake things up and get dressed to kill - the new baggy and generously cut model producing the thrill of momentum with excitement of rocket launch.

Cross swords with speed limits and turn loose. RAWCON Pants will do the trick.

Every maneuver will seem to you like a dozy prank.

It's time to cut the mustard and end the unhip halloween. Indubitably you'll be on the fly side.

100% Kevlar on butt, hips, knees and outside thighs make them impenetrable as steel.

The huge, adjustable CE knee protectors make you feel like having an escutcheonfor utmost safety.

Once you come down the pike, everybody will think there's a wolf loose giving the traffic a hard time.

The Rawcon’s coming...


• Soft 100% Kevlar® lining for the hips, backside, outside thighs and knees

• Removable / adjustable CE knee protectors

• Ready for optional CE hip protectors

- easily fixed and adjusted using Velcro

• Made from the heavy cotton

• Extraordinary stitching

• Fashionable, special embroidery

• Designed according the freestyle concept

- very loose and comfortable fit

• Ritzy design

• Cut long legs- right length on motorcycle

• Innovative system to shorten the pants legs when walking

• Sturdy and durable construction

• Extra strong zip used (YKK)

• Fully machine washable and breathable

• Available in sizes XS-XL only

• Limited to certain amount per year